Friday, 14 October 2016

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Recently, Oxford Dictionary declared “Selfie” as the word of the year 2013.But the history of Selfie dates back to 1839 when American pioneer in photography Robert Cornelius first time took photograph of himself as a person. Then after technological advancement and invent of gadgets like android mobiles and the tablets the Selfie took a miraculous turn and the snapping of the Selfie photographs were everywhere. From the Oscar clicks of Pope to Barack Obama to Kim Kardashian all are drooled by the selfie. And one can see the photographs all over the social sites. But for the Selfie click we have to hold our mobile high and the truth is it often feels and the screen is broken.

Invent of selfie stick

We love it 

The World’s smallest selfie stick or monopods is introduced by EBazar.Ninja. The amazing fact is it is portable and easy to carry and then the real picture comes in when the portable selfie stick is opened and the camera is held by the stick and the photograph is snapped. The photograph is taken from the suitable distance so that clarity is there. The benefits of the selfie or monopod are that it snaps the AMAZING pictures. The entire girl’s gang or the party picture. Wondering how to click?  Just a selfie stick away. Sometimes one avoids getting hands on the image but ends breaking the gadget so no more worries now. Buy a smallest selfie stick or monopod from E Bazar.Ninja and get the clicking mode on. Bring your selfie stick to dinners, parties, picnics or office and capture more safe and clear picture. Buy Selfie stick from E Bazar Ninja and have series of dazzling photographs of you and your friends.

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