Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Buy Printed Polo T shirts | Polo Tees Online

Why Polo T-shirts are called polo t-shirts. A brief history of the polo t-shirt and how it is different from normal t-shirts. Polo t shirts are the T shape garment with a knitted fabric. But why they are called Polo T-shirt, you might have seen in the olden times that players are dressed in the complete full sleeve garment and the flannel and running around court and that was not at all comfortable.

In 1920s, a prominent French player called Rene Lacoste, who was the winner of the seven tennis majors. Lacoste didn’t like the traditional attire and developed t-shirt which is known as polo t-Shirt. They are extremely comfortable sportswear and must have in the wardrobe. It comes in different patterns and styles. One cannot wear shirts at every occasion as the shirt besides being formal also gives a mature look. So buy polo t shirts online at reasonable price from eBazar Ninja. 

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